Thursday, November 30, 2006

Criminal Justice System (Again) Demonstrates Futility of Diversity

Statistics released by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) on 29 November demonstrated, for the 23,251,488th time, that diversity and egalitarianism is, well, crap.

From an Associated Press Summary of the 2006 report: "Racial disparities among prisoners persist. In the 25-29 age group, 8.1 percent - about one in every 13 - of black men are incarcerated, compared with 2.6 percent of Hispanic men and 1.1 percent of white men. And it's not much different among women. By the end of 2005, black women were more than twice as likely as Hispanics and over three times as white women to be in prison."

From a 2001 DoJ report: "Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32% of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males."

From the 2006 DoJ repot: "At yearend 2004 there were 3,218 black male sentenced prison inmates per 100,000 black males in the United States, compared to 1,220 Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 463 white male inmates per 100,000 white males."

A link to the main DoJ report will be posted as soon as it is working again.

Traces of Radiation Found on British Planes

National Post


Monday, November 27, 2006

Playlist Updates 27 November


53 tracks added/changed yesterday. I changed a few of the Celestia tracks to some later in the CD, ones I think are the best of the bunch. Also listen for: Freshened Hate Forest and a taste of Nocturne from Radigost (the 2002 Stgian Crypt version with the bonus tracks). New Baptism from the Evil Mysteries EP should also catch your attention.

I also found a split from Grejnar/Kargvint that sorta got overlooked. It got wedged behind a stack of cassettes. Both tracks are included.

Thanks for your support.


Religion of Peace?

Jamal Miftah: Message of Islam is not jihad, fatwahs

Local News 9 Video Coverage

Charlie Rangel Voices Lefts Hatred of Military

Rangel Exposes the Left - Again


I want to make it abundantly clear: if there’s anyone who believes that these youngsters want to fight, as the Pentagon and some generals have said, you can just forget about it. No young, bright individual wants to fight just because of a bonus and just because of educational benefits. And most all of them come from communities of very, very high unemployment. If a young fella has an option of having a decent career or joining the army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq.

More People Tested for Radiation

Members of Public Sent for Testing

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Man Killed After Ramming Police Cars

Murdered Groom

UK Version

Sean Bell fathered two illegitimate children with the woman he planned to marry. Deciding to demonstrate his committment to outstanding moral clarity, he and up to 20 friends spent the night before his wedding at a "strip club" notorious for prostitution and under investigation for drugs and illegal weapons. Drugs and prostitution are reportedly the main reasons to go near the area of the club.

According to witnesses and wire reports, shortly after 4:00 am, Bell slammed his silver Nissan Altima into an unmarked police van. Bell then "hit the protective metal screen covering a storefront and then struck an undercover officer, before moving forward and then slamming into the police van again."

Understanding the typical proclivity towards violence inherent in black males, police fired up to 50 shots at the vehicle, killing Bell and wounding two passengers.

The family today held a vigil attended by Al Sharpton. Sharpton, seeking to mine the killing for additional money, is among a number of people including Jesse Jackson and Morriss Dees who perpetuate racist myths to maintain their power and wealth.

Russia Coverage - Update

Police Consider Suicide As Motive?

Immigration Video - In Case You Missed It

Immigration By The Numbers

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why The Left Must Die

Reds Are Dead

I note with particular glee the statements from adulterer Jackson and abeFOXmanNEWS:

Jackson says he advised Richards to see a psychiatrist to discover why he's angry and hostile toward black people, and also to undergo race sensitivity training.

In other words, like most violent offenders, Jackson is telling the victim that his natural feelings are wrong, that he is stupidly misguided ("angry") and that he needs to grow by further destroying his natural instincts.

Israeli Gaza Peace Agreemnent No. 14,881,488


Russia Coverage

Russian Coverage Uncensored

Is this for real?

Um..about the radiation thing...

Respite - In Colour

Radiation Killed Russian

Yes, this story is everywhere. But, it's such an odd bit of chicanery that we can't help it anymore.

How Many Others At Risk?

Source of Polonium Hard To Trace


More Polonium info

Captain Double Standard Does Religion!

Islam? We Love Islam!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

23 November Playlist News


38 tracks added/changed today. Features:

  • Clandestine Blaze Church of Atrocity. Newest release. Follows in the same vein as the material on Crushing the Holy Trinity. Dark, hateful black metal to finish off what's left of your soul.

  • Celestia Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre. Something a little different. Originally released back in '02 by Full Moon, the Cd has been re-released by Aeternitas Tenebrarum in a deluxe, bound booklet. Raw, emotional black metal tinged with death. Think of it has getting your emotional needs met by a corpse.

  • Wojnar Kiedy Duch Wojny Nade Mna Powstanie (When the Spirit of War Will Rise Above Me). Proud music to honour our pagan past. Some bands sound like they want to create a pagan atmosphere; Wojnar achieves it. Originally released back in 1999, the demo has been given a proper CD treatment by Morbid Winter.

Tons of other great new material. More in a later update.

Thanks for your support.

We speak unpopular truth.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Absurd Video Der Henker

Keep the truth alive.

Wichita Massacre

The first of a series of articles, documents and videos to help further publicize the brutal murder of innocent whites. Are you listening?

Front Page Magazine


Survivor Pre-Trial Testimony WARNING - Graphic content. Should not be viewed by children or leftists.

Statement from Terry Nichols

Nichols alleges FBI/Government involvement in bombing.

Terry Nicols Affidavit

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Israel/US War By Proxy Heats Up Again

Lebanon Daily Star

Times UK

Washington Post

Captain Double Standard On Campus!

Halloween in the Hood Party

My favorite part is that the "'s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action..." was involved. So the folks involved in maintaining racial favoritism and discrimination against whites were upset be a party playing to racial stereotypes that you are marketed, advertised, praised and lauded every minute of every day in our culture.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Comment on Video

Take a long, hard look at the long version.

Then watch it again.

There exists a power structure designed to destroy the will, the purpose and the very existence of the real America. The America of the Republic of Jefferson and Washington. A white, European America.

This is reality. This is now.

Morris Dees Gets Confronted

Morris Dees confronted 08 November after appearance at Southeastern Lousiana University.

Short Version:

Long Version:

Captain Double Standard Strikes Again!

Michael Richards Speaks Forbidden Words

Watch the video...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Dutch Ban Muslim Burqa

Reuters: Dutch To Ban Burqa

Playlist update, update

We forgot! New material from the split CD featuring Torturium and Ride for Revenge and from the split EP featuring Temple of Baal and Ancestral Fog.

Playlist Updates 17 November


71 tracks added/changed yesterday. NOTE: There will be no update on 19 November. We've been granted a Bunker Day Pass and will be out and about spreading the word.

Great stuff this week! Loads of new material.

  • Nordglanz Kampfhymnen Germaniens. Follow-up to Heldenreich. Black metal mixed with some RAC elements. Proudly political and in-your-face. Nationalist to the core, the band offers up lyrics dedicated to the continuation of the real Germany. The music has great hooks like before and gets better with repeated listening.

  • Satanic Warmaster Strength & Honour. Need we say anymore? Black metal the way it was meant to be lived and played. One of our favorite SW works.

  • Evil Arktogaa. New release features a big helping of Widar from Bilskinir. If we have a criticism, it's that the CD sounds like Widar with special guests Evil. Both Evil and Bilskirnir tend towards a raw sound but the Evil seems to be buried in the mix, so to speak.

    More important than the music on the release are the lyrics, based on the work and ideas of Guido von List, Ariosophy & Wotanism. Essential to the understanding of a true nationalist ideology, the lyrics proudly stand as another step in the ultimate victory of our folk.

There is also tremendous new material from Abstentia Lunae, The Stone and Kawir. The Kawir was a big surprise. A good surprise! Based on Greek Paganism, the music is metal with folk touches. There's also some good, minimal black/death from Domini Inferi (CAN) and Warhate.

Thanks for your support. Next update 23 November.

My blood, my honour.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have an idea: Be Honest

Washington Post Makes Changes

Doing more of the same never helps. Always a leftish solution.

Murtha, Update 2

Washington Post

If the Post has turned on Nan, she needs to drop this.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nancy Pelosi: Dem Dominatrix

Possibly a poor image of Nancy in her Dom gear. Possibly not.

Murtha, Update 1

More on Murtha ethics questions

Vicar Kills Self Over Islam in Europe

Vicar's Protest


Be Careful With That Finger, Mr. Murtha

John Murtha is Peeved

Seems Mr. Murtha is a tad angry over all the fuss about his past. What's a little corruption taint? Problem is, Nancy "The Dem Dominatrix" Pelosi made a big deal about cleaning up corruption in Congress.

Well. I guess she knows where to start.

Get Your Notepads Ready

Message Coming In From Iran

Dems Stick to Anti-US Script: Pelosi Picks Murtha

Remember me?


ABSCAM Video Part 1

ABSCAM Video Part 2

Michael Steele: Meet Diversity. Mel Diversity.

NY Times

It's The Diversity, Stupid!

Seems diversity is only as good as the size of your voting block.

Maryland City Makes English Official

English Official Language

...and the left is wacky as usual:

The left reacts

Making English official sends a "negative message." I think he said that with a straight face, too. I think that illegal immigration, crime and diversity sends a negative message. Soon, just being a white European citizen will send the wrong message.

Then what will you do?

By the way, according to the Exmainer article, "Westminster Council Member Robert Wack called English-only resolutions 'thinly veiled racism.'" Veiled? Is that some sort of muslim reference? Shocked! Shocked I am at such nastiness.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Martin Luther King Memorial

Controversial Memorial Under Way

Joining the truly heroic figures on the National Mall in Washington, DC will soon be a $100 million memorial to hypocrisy.

Playlist update info - 12 November


80 tracks/added changed yesterday. Nokturnal Mortum tracks replaced. In fact, we sorta got stuck in the M section. Lots of things that start with M.

Thanks for your support.

There is a way.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Russian Unity Day March Video

Evil Listening

We just received the new Evil cd, Arktogaa. Widar of Bilskirnir provides a large contribution on the CD and it really shows in the vocals, instruments and general sound. We'll give it a few more listens before we offer a formal review.

Get It Here

A Note About CD Text

I'm a fan of interesting font styles. And I like the idea of black metal fans needing to actually make an effort to find a release rather than relying on the mass market/money industry system. But, no make that BUT, please provide some kind of reasonable translation. I know black metal is supposed to be elite and limited and blah, blah, blah. Think of it this way: if you've gone to the trouble of writing titles, text and lyrics then don't you want someone to be able to, you know, actually read and understand your ideas? If you really, really want your release to be inaccessible, then here's an idea: record only one demo tape, charter a helicopter, fly over a remote jungle/mountain/lake/desert - and drop it.

The Vocabulary of Race

Something you can do everyday. Practice distancing yourself from the artifically provided terms that describe white european culture. Remember: the terms for our coversation about race are provided by those who would continue to promote our decay.

Actively think about our race, our culture and our future. Use words like happiness, prosperity; pride, reason and honour. Tradition, determination & will.

Friday, November 10, 2006

ADL Seeks More Control Over Thoughts, Behaviors

ADL Urges More Control


Marblebog ROCKS.

Thank you.

The Texas Left Is Cranky

NSM To Rally in Texas

After reading the article, it says the NSM is full of hate but the article itself reeks with hate so I don't understand....oh, never mind.

Kristallnacht Memorial Ceremony Disrupted

Nazis Attack Memorial

Here is the article/story from German TV:

ZDF TV Story

BNP Leader Cleared of Charges

BNP Leader Cleared of Charges

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Update 09 November


42 tracks added/changed today. Featured:

  • The Shadow Order Raise The Banners. In memory of the fallen on 9 November. A seminal work; required.

  • Klage Dystopias Wiege. We first found Klage on the Tormenting Legends II LP. At times atmospheric, at times melodic the LP is from Fimbul Productrions and limited to 500 copies. Listen and track it down if you can.

  • Darkthrone Rehearsal 1991. This is from the Wolfsangel Records release a few years back. Limited to 68, it came in a cloth bag with a metal number plate on the inside. As one review said, by fans for fans. Ok sound; fantastic black metal.

Also in the playlist: Marblebog Csendharjnal; great demo material from Aberrant Paths, Ash Pool and Legion Totenkopf. New Evil Incarnate material on Sunday.

Thanks for your support.

The battle is in Texas this weekend.

Video Truth

Example of how the Left used race to win

UPDATE 1: Here is the audio file! Racist Left in Georgia

Here is a transcript from a radio ad produced for John Eaves, Democratic candidate for Fulton County [Georgia] Commission chairman. We've heard the ad and are trying to track down a copy but the audio has been pulled from Eaves' site - after the election, of course. Can you imagine if a white candidate had produced a similar ad?

(Sound of kettle drums, followed by pulsing strings)

LEWIS: This is Congressman John Lewis.

FRANKLIN: And I’m Mayor Shirley Franklin.

YOUNG: And I am Andy Young.

LEWIS: On Nov. 7, we face the most dangerous situation we ever have. You think fighting off dogs and water hoses in the ‘60s was bad. [Now we] sit idly by, and let the right-wing Republicans take control of the Fulton County County Commission.

FRANKLIN: The efforts of Martin and Coretta King, Hosea Williams, Maynard Jackson and many others will be lost. That’s why we must stand up, and we must turn out the vote for the Democrats on Election Day.

YOUNG: And especially for John Eaves for Fulton County Commission chairman. Unless you want them to turn back the clock on equal rights, and human rights and economic opportunity for all of us, vote for John Eaves as Fulton County chairman.

LEWIS: Your very life may depend on it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Meaning

"We lost a lot of really good allies, and a few true champions. The shift in control of the U.S. House means we go from a Speaker Hastert (R-IL) with a 96% immigration grade to a Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) with a 2% grade, the lowest of all 535 Members of Congress!" - Numbers USA

CNI/Zogby Poll

Monday, November 06, 2006

If you'd all just stop being white, we wouldn't have these problems...

Chris Matthews on Harold Ford

Iron Will Radio Translation Service

Once again our friends at Buzztrash are pandering for cash by offering a DVD. We thought it would be useful to provide a translation of their communist, er, we mean progressive language.

BuzzTrashTranslation's Review (excerpt)
This 256-minute, 3 disc Spike Lee documentary on the impact of Hurricane Katrina humanizes the horrifying governmental failure in the wake of a natural tragedy.
When the Levees Broke, Spike Lee's film about the aftermath of a major natural disaster amply demonstrates the inadequacies of local New Orlean's government officials. Despite years of knowledge about the strength of the levee system, officials continue to voice surprise, horror and indignation at the fact that the levees did exactly what the experts said: collapse when hit with anything more than a force 3 hurricane. Not content with simple facts, Lee fumbles by hoping that the length of his film and its storm of images can overcome reality. But, like the destroyed homes of the lower Ninth Ward, the facts remain for all to see.
Lee lets New Orleans and its residents speak for themselves. The music is straight from the Big Easy.At times, Lee's subjects are as blustery as the storm itself. In typical liberal fashion, Lee presents a deluge of objectivity; no one is personally responsible, blacks are infallible and massive government intervention would have saved the day. The film's score, composed from the musical lifeblood of The Big Easy, only serves to exaggerate the obvious difficulties bound up in a sprawling mass of differing races and cultures. There are some interesting pieces but, overall, they do not serve as the foundation for any sort of lasting work.
Katrina was a third-world response to a horrific event. It would have been a first-world response if the victims were largely white Republicans. There's no question about that.Humans commit crimes, storms do not. Humans loot and murder and rape. Storms do not. The human response equalled the human potential. For clarity, consider the problems, or rather the lack of problems, in predominantly white areas also hit by the storm. Consider also the rise in crime attributed by all but the most PC press to the arrival of evacuees from New Orleans (Houston Chronicle, Washington Times). Indeed, there is no question about the source of the "third world response."

It is unfortunate that the very people Spike Lee is trying to help will be hurt most by his film. Deprived of the chance to learn even the rudiments of individual responsiblity, they will continue to look elsewhere for improvements in their living conditions. Politicians, church groups, the entertainment industry; all have a stake in keeping the idea of black entitlement alive. Just as Univsion and the other spanish language businesses in the US must keep their markets growing and their customer base expanding at the expense of English language culture and traditions, so too the political/corporate power structure of black entitlement must continually develop and expand. By continually reinforcing the idea that white advancement can only come at the expense of black causes, the power base is guaranteed a steady income.

Paranoia, Update 1

Ohio Absentee Ballots Scanned Early

Good Site For Summary of Current Election Cycle


Start Your Paranoia: It's Almost Election Day!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Video Truth


Interesting Video, Update 1

Here is the direct link for the video. Worth your time!

Race Riot

05 November Update


77 tracks added/changed today. Lots of Black Legions material added along with the usual suspects.

Thanks for your support.

Remember 9 November

Friday, November 03, 2006

RSS/Podcasts & Other news

An RSS/Podcast feed is still coming. Thanks for your patience. A short video - our first - will be released to commemorate November 9. More details and link to come.

Christianity Will Do It To You Every Time

Lies, illicit sex, homosexuality, drug use. Just say 'no."

Now It's Meth, Too!

Race Riot video

Yes, we've noticed that it is not loading. We'll try and find another version. Thanks.

More on Drudkh

My opinion of the Drudkh cd is improving. I like the counterpoint to the in-your-face style of traditional Drudkh and even later Hate Forest recordings (especially, Sorrow). Grief and solitude are meant to be accompanied by quiet, less adorned ideas.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

02 November Update


47 tracks added/changed today. Features:
  • Drudkh Songs of Grief and Solitude. Quite a mixed reaction to the release so far. We can see both sides. The songs are simple, minimal constructions, the playing is OK, but not great and many of the chord patterns are definite Drudkh styles. On the other hand, we like the quiet, meditative nature of the tracks. You can hear and decide for yourself.

  • Absurd Asgardsrei. Original release on IG Farben. One of our favorite Absurd releases. In your face NSBM. A light in the darkness.

  • Nargaroth Herbstleyd. We wanted to round out the features with another one of our favorites. Vibrant black metal riffs, torn vocals & an atmosphere of hate. A lot of tracks are featured including Amarok - Zorn des Lammes.

We love finding an unknown release that really hits us. Shiver Records from Belgium has just put out a split with Panchrysia and Iconoclast. The Panchrysia tracks are killer. Good beats, riffs and vocals.

Thanks for all your support.

And so it goes.

Interesting Video

Race Riots - video powered by Metacafe

Possible Outage

Nov. 5, 4:00-6:00 AM GMT/UTC

You may experience brief problems connecting due to server updates.

John, Just Say I'm Sorry - Update 3

NY Post Story

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John, Just Say I'm Sorry - Update 2

Kerry on Imus. I agree. Just stop talking.

Just Stop Talking

As the title says: Israeli PR 101

John, Just Say I'm Sorry - Update

Even the Boston Globe gets it:

Boston Globe Gets A Clue

More On Kerry Insanity

Picture from The Drudge Report.

John Kerry is incapable of admitting a mistake. Here's his latest apology, version four or five; I've lost count:

I sincerely regret that my words were misinterpreted to wrongly imply anything negative about those in uniform, and I personally apologize to any service member, family member, or American who was offended.

Sooooooooooooo....basically he's saying you either agree with his bizarre reality or you're offensive. He's not wrong; you're misinterpreting.

"Botched Joke"?

Ok, so, let's see. He was trying to make a joke. Here is the text released by his handlers:

"It's great to be here with college students. I can't overstress the importance of a great education. Do you know where you end up if you don't study, if you aren't smart, if you're intellectually lazy? You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq. Just ask President Bush."

Here is what he said:

You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq.

I don't really believe that Kerry went off his prepared text as his handlers claim. I remember the debates. I think he said what was in his nature. How many times can he fool us? How many times can he claim he was misquoted?

Mood Rising

Listening to various radio callers, reading blogs and taking the temperature of things, it seems to me that the Big 3 1/2: Fox, NBC, ABC & CBS are missing the boat here. The palpable anger over Kerry's remarks is not going to go away.

John Kerry Hates You

"Meddle not in the affairs of the dragon; for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.”

John Kerry hates you. And himself. His liberal philosophy, true to its communist roots, finds no solace in the solidarity of culture, race and country. It seeks an egalitarian world bound together by money where a few are rich, many are poor and all are lost.

John, Just Say "I'm Sorry"

Washington Post

John McCain understands

American Legion