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We are on our Solstice break. The next full update will occur on Sunday 12/31/06.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Iran Conference Report From Participant

Iran Conference

Recent Playlist Updates


25 tracks added/changed.

Varied features this week:
  • Svarrogh Kukeri. Part Hate Forest, part Velimor, the band is originally from Bulgaria but now apparently operates of Germania. We were impressed by the quality of the music, production and song writing. Musically, the band reaches from Hate Forest type black metal to folk metal reminiscent of Velimor and the like. Lyric themes of tradition, nature and honor. Something different from a band that you may not have had the chance to enjoy.

  • Der Sturmer The Blood Calls for War. Things have been feeling a bit desperate here in the bunker of late. Nothing in particular, just a general sense of disdain watching the continued failure of our folk to stand up to the onslaught of media images designed to destroy our culture. Listening to Der Sturmer is important because it helps keep us focused on the task at hand.

  • Ildjarn Det Frysende Nordariket. Ildjarn is an acquired taste for some but he stands as a prominent figure in the development of the raw, minimal side of black metal. Det Frysende Nordariket compiles early works into a strong, if sometimes uneven package. The real importance here is the raw ferocity of the music, the vocals and the production.

Other great new material culled from our library: Judas Iscariot Of Great Eternity and Pagan Hate to the Light of Life. More from Of Great Eternity will be added during the update for 12/21.

Also worth your time: Witchcraft Years of Blood. Released by Regimental Records, Blood compiles three demos from 2000, 2002 and 2003. No apologies black metal with interesting riffs. Aura Noir The Merciless. Our first contact with this black/thrash band was on the Fenriz old school black metal project despite the existence of demos, apparently, as far back as 1993 (hey, we don't know everything here). Anyway, we like a little thrash to liven things up and set the tempo for smashing various things.

We will be on Winter Solstice break from 12/22 through 12/30. There will be an update on 12/21 and then again on 12/30.

Thanks for your support.

Be conscious.

Friday, December 15, 2006

How Many Before We Get Suspicious?

300 Sickened at Indy Olive Garden

You know, after a while, all these mysterious restaurant illnesses start to look like an intentional act. Perhaps, the illegal immigrants who pick a lot of the vegetables are sending a message.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Powerful Video Truth

Warning: Contains scenes of violence...and truth...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hannity & Colmes & Reality

I just finished watching Mark Weber get abused on Hannity & Colmes. Track the spot down. Watch the zombie twins babble. Practice your own responses.

Police Allowed to Do Jobs

Romney Signs Detainment Bill

The Massachusetts State Police will now be allowed to - follow me carefully here - enforce the law.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seeds of Knowledge

All the news stories about the Iranian conference discussing the Jewish question will fall into the public consciousness. Some, of course, will carry on with the usual fear mongering but others will take up the cause of truth and investigate for themselves. They will be our new allies.

Olmert's Nukes - Update

Is this really a secret to anybody?


Immigration raids in US

Des Moines, IA

Jewish presence at Iran Conference


Iran Conference

Tire Rhetoric

Olmert and his nukes

Washington Post



Monday, December 11, 2006

Playlist Update 11 December


72 tracks added/changed yesterday. The focus of the additions was on some lesser known bands and tracks in addition to updating the Absurd and Moonblood sections. Be sure to check the Current Playlist page on the main site for the complete lists.

For newer listeners, the DMCA (the copyright law governing streaming internet content) stipulates that we cannot post the exact order of songs in advance. Yes, it is silly and, yes, since our host follows the rules, so do we.

Thanks for your support.

Ignore the deathworks.

Obama - Update


Note how the CSM uses the word "mania." Like a more lethal form of heroin or meth, the new idols infuse the faithless with ecstasy. When people have lost the faith in their blood, in their folk, then guidance and structure comes from the changing identities and roles thrown out by the culture of destruction.

Iran Opens Conference to study WW2 Jewish Question

Boston Hearald


Washington Times

Obama in New Hampshire: Political Deathworks

Obama Does New Hampshire

The Hussein, I mean Barak, Obama trip to New Hampshire provides a compelling example of political deathworks. Read the descriptions, the language of the coverage and you conclude that a certain inevitablity is at work. The new culture in power demands that we know who we are and that we judge our moral worth by how we accept the gods put before us.

The culture in power puts identity change and destruction among its pantheon of idols. Obama fits both. He is paraded forth like so much cheap gold by the dispensers of the drugs of destruction: TV, newspapers, blogs, radio, internet.

Our culture will probably respond in typical fashion, fuel that is easily burned and used to further power the machines of war against us. The responses? Racial name-calling, the usual White Racial Suspects up in arms. All fuel for the war machine. The new gods want the KKK. They want Aryan anything. We speak, we act and the culture of death feeds. Our place is set.

Unless. Unless we remember. National Socialism, the philosophy and politics (the philosophy interpreted and made real), restores order and demands that culture be based on real truths instead of shifting moral identities. The system fears a true national socialist movement. It is up to us.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Interesting Video

Scenes from Der Untergang set to a Vangelis song, taken from Heaven and Hell, I believe

Col. Hoff Obituary

Hoff Obituary

Friday, December 08, 2006

Playlist update 08 December


61 tracks added/changed this time around. Featured:

  • Radigost Nocturne Pagan hymns in the Russian style. Nocturen was the first full effort from Radigost. The band is currently at work on their third full-length.

  • Bannerwar Centuries of Heathen Might. Our favorite work from Bannerwar so far. More complex song structures, more varied instrumentation and outstanding lyrics highlight the release.

  • Absurd Thuringian Pagan Madness
Are any comments really necessary? Strong words for hard times.

New material from Dark Fury, a rare 2004 demo from Torturium and a great new split from Morbid Winter Records featuring Ur Falc'h and Heretic Blood. And, yes, there is one track from Bal-Sagoth (we admit having an intermittent weakness for over-the-top bands). Summoning usually fills the niche for us but, sometimes we just need a little extra.

Thanks for all your support.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

WTC Survivor Talks About 9/11

Microsoft Pushes for more foreign workers

In a quiet, last minute attempt to import more foreign workers, Microsoft sent 10 or so lobbyists into Congress on Wednesday.

Read more here:


Pearl Harbor: Infamy indeed

You need to pick and choose through this page, but the info is thought provoking...

Pearl Harbor Deception

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Deathworks - Predators

There Is No "War On Terror"

Playlist update 03 December


35 tracks added/changed today. Updated artists include Nargaroth, Temnozor, Shining and Munruthel.

Thanks for your support.


Sean Bell - Update

Here's a story on the "sleazy" history of the club where the fine, upstanding, all american Sean Bell was spending the evening. No doubt Bible readings were involved; perhaps readings on morals. Retirement planning. That sorta stuff.

Kalua Club History

From another NY Daily News story:

The Kalua Cabaret Massacre

the target was sex; 13 year-old prosties were being run out of the club

--NY Daily News

Queens, NY- A stable of young prostitutes worked out of the seedy strip club at the center of the controversial police shooting - posing as barmaids and routinely offering patrons more than a cold drink, law enforcement sources said yesterday.

The illicit sex trade was so lucrative that the hookers - some as young as 13 - paid bouncers for the right to work at the Kalua Cabaret, then plied men with alcohol before closing the deals, the sources said.

It was the underground sex trade - not the threat of gun violence - that led the NYPD's special club enforcement unit to target the club before Sean Bell, 23, was killed in a fusillade of 50 police bullets early Saturday.

"We had done a lot of work on the Chelsea clubs," a high-ranking police source said. "We were looking to expand to Queens, and Kalua was at the top of the list."

A police source said an undercover cop was close to making a prostitution arrest at the club in Jamaica before the explosion of gunfire.

Prostitution at the club dates back at least two years and includes February's arrest of Troy Siddons, a 20-year-old Bloods gang member who allegedly ran hookers from the club, authorities said.

Siddons trolled halfway houses for vulnerable young girls, telling them he loved them, authorities said.

"Daddy needs some cash," Siddons allegedly told them before taking them to Kalua and showing them off to men, often 20 years their senior, a law enforcement source said.

Siddons was arrested outside Kalua and charged with kidnapping and promoting prostitution. If convicted, the ex-con faces up to 25 years to life in prison.

About the same time as Siddons' arrest, the NYPD brought a nuisance abatement case against the club in a bid to shut it down. Police charged that underage patrons had been repeatedly served liquor.

In March, Queens vice cops made two prostitution arrests at the 94th Ave. nightspot, police said.

A judge had ordered the club closed in July 2005, but it was allowed to reopen two months later after the owners agreed to eliminate small rooms that allegedly had been used for prostitution and to keep hookers from coming inside, police said.

A source said most of the prostitutes wore skimpy outfits, while a few walked around topless. The savvier hookers hit up patrons who were drinking heavily, in the belief that they couldn't be undercover cops if they were getting plastered, the source said.

"She helps the guy get drunk, and the bartender splits the tips with her," the source said. "But the big payoff comes in prostitution."

In recent months, the prostitutes would leave the club with men and have sex off the premises, the sources said.

"It could be in a car, down the street or in a flop house," a source said. "I never heard of it happening inside the club."

The club owner, Roger Duran, 33, and his lawyer, Charles Carreras, could not be reached for comment. No criminal charges have been filed against the owner.

Kalua opened in 2003 and was initially supposed to be a restaurant, according to its landlord, Juan Escobar.

The State Liquor Authority has been reviewing a series of complaints against the club, including allegations that it hired a convicted felon and allowed someone to bring a weapon inside.

Sanctions by the SLA board could include a license revocation, fines up to $10,000 per violation or a suspension of the license. A ruling is expected Dec. 20.

Queens Chronicla

Let's Just Seal the Border Now

Quality Mexican Politics

NY Police Shooting - Update

Protestors Get It Wrong

Let's see. Criminal area? Check. Night of drinking? Check. Ramming police vehicle? Check. Attempting to run over police officer? Check. Responsibility? Hello? Anyone?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Playlist Update 01 December

(Yes, we're behind.)


55 tracks added/changed yesterday. Featured:

  • Arckanum Kostogher. The original Necropolis CD from 1997. Music influenced by the Gnostic tradition warped by black/death metal sensibilities. Shamaatae's real accomplishment is the creation of effective music that stands out from the crowd.

  • Paysage d'Hiver Schattengang. Re-released demo of glacial black metal and ambient passages reflecting the chill of a quiet forest night heavy with snow.

  • Katharsis World Without End. Latest - and best - from Katharsis. Released with the usual top notch packaging by Norma Evangelium.

    There's a lot going on here. The analogue recording allows the different instruments, vocals and effects to merge, standout and fall away again without the annoying digital brightness and specificity of modern CD production. Listen for the 16 minute plus title track, the highlight of the LP.

    Gets our vote for inclusion among the Top 10 of 2006.

There are also some tracks from the new Lord Wind release, Atlantean Monument. Darken has taken the Lord Wind project in a slightly different direction. The synth choirs are still there but the drumming is a bit different. We think he's on the right track.

There's also new material from North, Menhir and Triglav. The North release finds Sirkis and company back with the usual quality black/death combination, what Sirkis refers to as "pagan war metal." Whatever you call it, the material and the production are very good.

Menhir feature some members of Odroerir but the Menhir sound has more in common with pagan metal. Originally released in 2001, Ziuwari has been re-released by Perverted Taste.

Triglav fit in the genre of the Russian bands that feature the folkish element. They offer a lead synth style that works well when it works. There's promising stuff here.

Thanks for your support.


Criminal Justice & Diversity - Update 1

Link to the raw data and DoJ paper:

US Correctional Population, 2005

Tancredo Speech Met With Violence

Tancredo Speech Met With Violence

Protestors Become Violent

College Newspaper

The problem here, at least one of the problems anyway, is that Tancredo is not a racist. He does not have the political will or, apparently, the personal nerve to state the obvious facts. Ah well, it makes for a good story...