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Jewish Arrogance: UN Is For Us

Livni: UN Established to Prevent a Holocaust

By Yitzhak Benhorin

IHC Abstract

In her recent address to the UN, Israel's Foreign Minister, Zipi Livni, reminded the member states that the UN was established after the Shoa, with the goal of preventing a Holocaust from ever occurring again. Currently, when Israel is being threatened by Iran's President Ahmedinejad, with annihilation, the UN and its member states are paralyzed from taking action. They do nothing to protect the very principles upon which the UN was founded.

Addressing the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, Livni reiterated Israel's vision of two states, living side by side in peace and security. "The world cannot afford another terror state....We need the Arab world to offer support for this goal, not to stipulate conditions!" She explained that Israel is ready for territorial compromise within a context of real peace. However she insisted territorial compromise in itself will not bring peace, as the withdrawal from Gaza and Lebanon have shown.

She called upon the whole world to take issue with the threat of global terror and extremism.

Abstract of an article published in full on the Israel Habara Committee website.

Path To War With Iran

As noted several months back, Northrup Grumman announced plans to fit bunker-buster bombs on stealth bombers. Now comes word that stuck inside the $45.9 billion emergency war fund request is "$88 million to retrofit B-2 Stealth bombers so they can carry a 30,000-pound “bunker buster” bomb called the massive ordnance penetrator (MOP), which has the capacity to destroy deep underground targets."

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Interesting Blog - When Good Men Do Nothing

unday, October 28, 2007

When ’Good Men’ do Nothing
Category: News and Politics

by Joharah Baker

The events that transpired at the Ketziot Detention Center in the Negev Desert on October 22 sound off more than one alarm bell. The most obvious and most devastating is the fact that a 23-year-old Palestinian political prisoner is now dead and 250 others injured as a result of the violent encounter. But the tragic death of Mohammed Al Ashqar is not the only disturbing factor in this recent event. Once again, Israel, which considers itself above the law [international and otherwise] when dealing with the Palestinians, has carried out one more atrocity against this people with impunity.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners' Club, Mohammed Al Ashqar from Tulkarm died after being shot in the head by prison wardens and riot police. Al Ashqar, who was taken to the Soroka Hospital first, was reportedly handcuffed to the bed even though he was in a state of clinical death. He died shortly after.

The riots broke out when prisoners objected to a midnight search by prison authorities. Apparently, an agreement between the two sides stipulates that prison authorities would not carry out late-night raids. That night, it was after two in the morning when the authorities stormed the tents.

The Palestinians say the Israeli prison authorities used tear gas and rubber and live bullets against the approximately 2,300 prisoners, causing several injuries and burning down 14 tents. The Israelis, unsurprisingly, have a completely different version. According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, prison authorities were forced to enter the tents to carry out a "massive search for concealed weapons." They say, besides Al Ashqar, only 15 other Palestinians were injured and 15 wardens, who were lightly wounded.

The 535 wardens who participated in the raid used something called "crowd dispersal sachets", basically a bag full of metal pellets, which Israel claims are "non-lethal". Israeli prison authorities maintain that the wardens shot the sachets at the prisoners' legs according to standard procedure, but that Al Ashqar was "bending down" when he was hit in the head.

While the actual events are important and have been covered in the press extensively, it is also imperative to recognize the underlying and often unnoticed layers that characterize Palestinian-Israeli dynamics.

For Israel, killing Palestinians, whether armed members of military groups or unarmed civilians, has become more or less, run-of-the-mill. The world hardly blinks an eye when a Palestinian is killed by Israeli soldiers, settlers or in this case, prison wardens. Perhaps this is partly because the Palestinians are on such unfortunate standing these days with the international community, that in some twisted way, their lives are deemed less valuable than others. But mostly, this imbalance in the sanctity and value of human life – especially between an Israeli and a Palestinian one – is due to the complex and intricate web of deception Israel has weaved around the definition of Palestinian.

With the help of others, especially the United States and various other western allies, Israel, regardless of the magnitude of the atrocity it perpetrates, is always able to absolve itself of any wrongdoing. They make themselves out, like the common Arabic saying, "like a hair pulled from a ball of dough" – completely clean.

But the fact that it happens so often does not make it any more justifiable. Take this incident. Israel killed Al Ashqar, who is married with one son, hours before Israeli troops stormed Jenin and killed Al Quds Brigades commander Khaled Hussein and his assistant Mohammed Jawabri. Mubarak Hasanat was also killed that day when his car was hit by an Israeli missile on the Gaza coastal road.

Israel does not even bother itself with offering credible justifications for killing Palestinian activists. As long as they are so-called "terrorists plotting to kill innocent Israelis", the Israeli state has given itself every right to shoot and kill whenever it deems appropriate. Never mind that these charges were never made in a court of law or that this sort of thing isn't supposed to happen in so-called "civilized and democratic countries". Apparently, the rules that apply to other countries don't seem to apply to Israel, at least when it comes to the Palestinians. Assumedly, if the riots happened in a prison where Israeli prisoners were held, the outcome would have been different, including legal action taken against the prison authorities. No one in Israel would tolerate such brutality against its citizens, and rightly so.

But if one thing can be learned from this lack of balance between Israel and the Palestinians, is that the latter is usually left to defend itself. Today, for example, demonstrations have broken out throughout the Palestinian territories in protest of Al Asqhar's death. Furthermore, the prisoners' movement – over 10,000 political prisoners in Israeli jails – declared a one-day hunger strike in protest of yesterday's events in the desert detention facility. The Palestinian Authority and all Palestinian factions have strongly condemned the assault on prisoners, calling for the protection of those behind Israeli bars.

Israel says it will open an investigation into the incident, but we all know where Israel's "investigations" into Palestinian deaths lead: nowhere. Or in the worst case scenario, the investigation will conclude that it was primarily the Palestinians' fault that its authorities had to use extensive force to quell the riot and additional restrictions placed on the prisoners in order to avoid any future disturbances.

This is certainly not the first time a Palestinian prisoner has died in an Israeli jail. Since the start of the Aqsa Intifada in September 2000, there have been 17 prisoner deaths, according to the Prisoners' Club. After each death, the Palestinians rise up on anger, condemning the injustice and calling on international organizations to step in and protect the prisoners. And while organizations such as the International Committee for the Red Cross facilitate in matters such as family visits and securing clothes to the men and women behind bars, they are rendered ineffective when Israel orders a shut down. After Monday's riots at Ketziot, Israeli prison authorities canceled all family visits to the prison.

So basically, the Palestinians, whether inside prison or not, are all at the mercy of Israel's oppressive policies and Israel, regardless of its actions, is almost always exonerated in the eyes of the international community under the pretext of its "security" and "self-defense."

Since the Palestinians do not have all the means to persecute Israel for their actions, this responsibility should fall on those people (or countries) of conscience who do. In the words of English philosopher Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Deutsche Weihnacht - 1942

A taste of things to come...

Our Kind of Soccer

Saturday, October 27, 2007

No Nukes For Anti-Israeli Nations

Jewish controlled Germany sounds the warning bells again: Jews will not tolerate any resistance to their influence, to their propaganda, to their will.

Blacks, Bigots and the Washington Post

Seems increasing numbers of criminal immigrants are being targeted by other criminals for robbery. Here is my favorite paragraph:

Despite their brutality, the robberies are not necessarily motivated by ethnic bigotry, authorities say. Rather, they are typically crimes of opportunity. While the majority of the perpetrators have been identified as black men, Latinos and whites have also been charged in some cases, authorities said.

The message? Blacks cannot be bigots and racists. Now, if whites were the primary perps you can bet they would get a "hate crime" label and all sorts of the usual nonsense.

Criminal Immigrant Supports Blink

A criminal immigrant support group, fearing it's policies of hate would further awaken white people to the problems caused by criminal immigrants, has canceled a planned visit to Prince William County, Virginia

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Reminder about the pleasures of diversity

This is just the beginning.

Speak Truth = Lose Job

The jewish machine cares not who you are. If you fall into the ever baited trap of race intelligence, you will lose.

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Victory? No, the word is fight!

Dream Act Defeated - Again!

Victory news, courtesy of Reuters.

Also check out:


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dream Update 4 -

Comment - Story courtesy of NumbersUSA. When does it stop? What does it take? Clearly, Durbin, Lugar and Hagel only care about other Senators. Not you and I. The news conference is another way to say "stop listening to your angry citizens. The Machine wants you to welcome these illegals." And, as noted elsewhere, it seems to me that the Nightmare of S.2205 is being used as a wedge measure to start the flood of pro-criminal immigrant legislation.

Open-borders Senators have plummeted to a new low in advocating amnesty by aiding, abetting and harboring a group of illegal aliens in our United States Capitol today!

Sen. Durbin (D-Ill.), Sen. Lugar (R-Ind.) and Sen. Hagel (R-Neb.) have invited Senators and their staffers to a meeting at 3 p.m. today to learn why they need to pass the DREAM Act amnesty on Wednesday.

Briefing the Senators in the Capitol will be:

"Several students who would benefit from the DREAM Act"

Angela Kelley, Director, Immigration Policy Center

Melissa Lazarin, Director of Education Policy, First Focus

Alfred Campos, Federal Lobbyist, National Education Association

Stephanie Grosser, Outreach & Program Coordinator, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Kevin Appleby, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

In case that isn't clear enough, anybody who "would benefit from the DREAM Act" is an illegal alien.

Should anybody in the world hold back from trying to come here illegally now that they see that illegal aliens can hang around our Capitol itself with no fear of arrest -- and be embraced by our elected officials.

Last week, the Senate voted to protect Sanctuary Cities and their policies to shield illegal aliens. Today, some Senators apparently are declaring the Capitol an illegal-alien sanctuary!

We have now reached this point where the immigration lawlessness that has characterized the border for 20 years, that has suffocated our Southwestern states, south Florida and hundreds of neighborhoods across the country has now moved into the federal Capitol itself -- invited by U.S. Senators!!!

If you think the champions of anarchy have gone too far this time, pick up a phone over lunch and call your two U.S. Senators and demand that they commit to vote NO on cloture tomorrow on S. 2205.


Dream Update 3 -

Some talking points courtesy of Numbersusa -
  • S. 2205 would do what all amnesties do -- entice millions more people to become illegal aliens here. The word across the world would be that immigration crime pays.
  • If there is a compelling story for giving amnesty to any of these high school students, it should be told only after the rule of law has been restored, including a fully functioning entry/exit system at the border and mandatory verification of all new hires by all businesses, governments and non-profits.
  • The DREAM Act amnesty doesn't just offer U.S. citizenship to illegal alien teenagers, it also provides amnesty to the parents of most of them. Once the amnestied teens become citizens they can obtain an amnesty for their parents.
  • Plus, anybody who can claim to be under the age of 30 can also make a claim to have arrived before the age of 16 and make a move for the amnesty (plus all of their relaties through chain migration).
  • S. 2205 provides for no extra enforcement to help ensure that families around the world don't risk their teenagers' lives by forcing them to enter the U.S. illegally across the deserts. Passage of this amnesty likely would increase deaths of illegal aliens in the desert as more and more people attempt to get into the country in preparation for the next amnesty.
  • Many of the advocacy groups pushing the DREAM Act amnesty openly say it is intended as a way to break the barrier and then to push for several more amnesties and rewards for illegal aliens.
  • Many of these teenagers weren't brought to the United States illegally by their parents. Rather, many of them came on their own and found illegal shelter with legal immigrants who were from their country. Passing this amnesty will encourage millions more families to consider forcing their young teenagers into dangerous journeys to America to become illegal aliens and hope to get similar rewards.

Dream Update 2 -

Text of the bill as re-introduced by Durbin on 10/18/07.

Dream update 1 -

The most recent attempt as attached on 19 September. If Reid brings it up as a stand alone, there is so far no published text of the bill. How do you vote on something you haven't read? Oh, wait... :)

Immigration Alert -

According to the very reliable NumbersUSA, Harry Reid is going to bring up the horribly named DREAM act again. Tomorrow, Wednesday, unattached to other bills as in the past.

What's it going to take? Do we literally need to march into the Senate and haul him out before he'll listen?

From NumbersUSA -

Our early morning contacts with Senate staffers confirm what we told you at midnight:

Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) is currently expected to bring the DREAM Act amnesty to a vote Wednesday morning.

Thanks to you, news of Sen. Reid's late-night attempt to catch America off-guard with his latest amnesty maneuver is spreading across America.

You already have ordered 58,000 faxes into the Senate warning of this attempt.

And Talk Radio shows across the country are being alerted. If you have any contact with any Talk Radio or any newspaper, radio or TV journalist, please call them right now. At this moment, the NumbersUSA activist network is the only one spreading the news of Reid's perfidy. That is a lot of responsibility that you carry.

Get this posted and picked up on every blog you know.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Russian Wiki Alternative

Haddock: Old story with pics of 3 of the perps

Remember Emily Elizabeth Haddock

Nod to

By Curt Maynard

On September 21, 2007, a 12-year old white girl named Emily Haddock was home sick from school. Four black males broke into her home and shot her in the head numerous times. Her body was found later that same day by her grandfather. Initially the police described the murder scene as “brutal,” but didn’t elaborate. Almost immediately a shroud enveloped the case and any further details have been carefully suppressed.

The four black males charged are Sherrod Nicholas Harrison, 19, Michael Graham Currie, 18, Van Roger Smith Jr., 16, and Ryan Jermar White, 18. Despite the fact that all of them are adults, including 16-year old Smith, given the crime, and two have extensive criminal records the media, and local police insist on referring to them all as “teens,” in an effort to mitigate what they’ve done .

Like the hideous race murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom last January, which has been effectively suppressed by the mainstream media, this crime too has been carefully ignored. Crimes like these are known as “hush crimes,” because they receive absolutely no mainstream national news coverage, these innocent victims are murdered first by the perpetrators and then their memories murdered again, sacrificed on the alter of political correctness. If they receive any news coverage at all, it’s local, just as is the case with the Emily Haddock murder.

What happened in Jena Louisiana with the Jena 6 is politically correct, because it involves alleged “black victims” and white perpetrators. In the case of the Jena 6, despite the fact that six blacks were the actual perpetrators, they did after all assault and seriously injure a lone white boy, they are amazingly transformed into the identified victims by the Zionist media, and the actual victim, Justin Barker, is all but forgotten, another sacrifice on the alter of multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity.

Being that the alleged persecution of six “good black boys” is politically correct, it receives 24/7 media coverage on all the networks, it also receives front page coverage in all the major newspapers and news magazines. They [the Jena 6] fulfill all the necessary multicultural requirements of an acceptable victim, they’re black and male, and Justin Barker isn’t. Had the races of the victim and perpetrators been reversed, you can safely bet everything you own that the news coverage would have been unending and if any group of whites sought to do what the American black community did in respect to gathering around these six criminals, the media would have blasted them as racists, bigots, Nazis, trailer trash and every other politically correct epithet set aside for white men.

I sent Jessie Jackson an email two weeks ago telling him exactly what I thought about him, the Jena six and several of the more recent hush crimes involving black perpetrators and white victims, including the horrendous murders of Channon Christian and her boyfriend Chris Newsom, Emily Elizabeth Haddock and a five-year old white child named Emily Rimel, who was raped and beheaded by a black male named Lindsey Bruce. His reply was short, sweet, and highly insulting, to me personally as well as to the victims of the above crimes, their families and their memories. Jesse Jackson said “While it is sad for anyone to lose their life so early, other things in life are just as sad … or even sadder…..” What exactly did Jackson mean by that, what “other things” was he referring to? How is it that these other things are “sadder” than having your boyfriend anally raped in front of you before he’s shot and set on fire as was the case with Channon Christian BEFORE she herself was subjected to hours of gang-rape, sodomy, torture and finally murder at the hands of four black males and a black female? Exactly what is “sadder,” that having your five year old daughter taken from you and knowing that her last moments of life were spent being raped by an adult black male prior to being beheaded by the same animal? What in God’s name is “even sadder,” than having your 12-year old daughter raped and murdered by four black adults that the media insists on referring to as “teens?”
Yes, that’s right, I said it, Emily Elizabeth Haddock was the victim of rape prior to her murder. Perhaps you’re asking how I know this since the local media and police have said nothing in respect to a rape. I’ll tell you.

First off, over time I’ve learned to deduce what the media isn’t saying by what it does say. Initial reports were that the murder scene was “brutal,” but then further details ceased immediately. Cops see people, even children, shot on a daily basis, this doesn’t qualify as something “brutal,” in the average police officer’s lexicon. Secondly, the autopsy report findings still haven’t been released to the public, despite the fact that the local media has quoted certain findings from them and that the murder happened nearly a month ago. Many people attempted to get the Moore County Medical Examiners office to release the report and were initially lied to and told that since Emily Haddock was a minor, the report couldn’t be released. I knew this was a lie, so I personally contacted the Moore County Medical Examiners Office via an email to Patricia Barnes, the departmental manager. She responded by saying:

“The autopsy report on Emily Haddock is not complete. It cannot be released until it is finalized. Please submit a formal request for a copy of the completed report to me via e-mail, fax, US mail or on our website so that we have your name and address on file.”

That was more than a week ago, and I still haven’t heard anything from their office and believe it or not, I don’t expect to either. I filled out the required information in order to obtain the autopsy report and haven’t heard back from them, despite having told them straight out in the email I sent Mrs. Barnes that I intended to write an article stating that I firmly believed Emily Haddock had been raped prior to being murdered and would post that article unless they, the Medical Examiners office released evidence proving she wasn’t. I won’t allow this crime to disappear down the memory hole, no way! If the reader is interested, you can fill out an autopsy request form here, or email Mrs. Barnes yourself at Hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did.

In conclusion, what we have here is obviously another example of a black on white murder that is being suppressed by the mainstream media. The reader needs to dig deep and ask themselves one simple question, and be honest with yourself, why? Why is the national media not picking up this story? Silence is NOT helpful, silence is what has brought us to the point we're at today.

Wake up America, you’re being taken for a ride.

Wonkette Repost - Hillary's Language Problem

If you can't say something nice....

Path To War With Iran

Cheney Comments

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Saturday, October 20, 2007


I think we sometimes forget - or refuse to admit - that as products of a diseased society we too carry the infection. Insight, awakening, provides only guidance; the disease remains.

Hitler taught us that our work is for the future. Those interested in immediate glory, he said, are dangerous for the Movement; they will become quickly and easily disenchanted.

The disease manifests in selfish-pride and intolerance. Instead of staying firm we falter, splinter and simply wander off. Remember: Jewish economic philosophy teaches us to throw ideology and faith away in favor of immediate needs. Our media and our politicians, our educators and even our friends teach us that our lives are beholden to the whims of foreign policy. Economic health replaces nation pride. We are prisoners, locked in a cage of our own creation. The pillars of our greatness have been perverted. Economic strength and foreign policy strength come from a strong, unassailable national identity; however, today, our leaders teach us just the opposite.

Ask yourself: Could our country today muster the necessary internal strength to begin a revolution? The answer, I think, is a sad, resounding no.

To be continued...


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More on the Staph infections

Scientist Speaks Truth - Watch the fun now

James Watson - as in the Nobel Prize winning geneticist - has caused an uproar by breaking the media taboo on the truth about black africans. Watch the left, right and other folks get apoplectic in their rush to delusion to defend against truth and common sense.

Let the fun begin

Another Sign of Decay,2933,302605,00.html

All 21 school buildings in Bedford County, Va., were being scrubbed and sanitized Wednesday after the death of a 17-year-old high school student from a powerful drug-resistant strain of staph bacteria.

The schools, all in Bedford County, Va., were closed after students there launched a protest over unsanitary conditions Monday, using text messages and social networking sites.

The students took Bedford County Schools Superintendent James Blevins on a tour Tuesday of Staunton River High School to show him how unclean it was, in particular the sports locker rooms.

One of its students, Ashton Bonds, died Monday after being hospitalized for more than a week from Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, a strain of staph bacteria that does not respond to penicillin and related antibiotics. Blevins subsequently ordered the schools closed for cleaning.

We continue to have the arrogance to expect nature to bend to our will.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prince Williams County Tries Again

Prince Williams county, VA, will try again tonight to stand up for the rights of citizens when the illegal immigrant issue comes up for a vote.

You'll recall that the Board of Supervisors showed a lack of will the last time the measure came up for a vote.

We trust that they can find the strength this time to do the right thing.

Path To War With Iran

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United State alone cannot force Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday. Gates called Iran as "an ambitious and fanatical theocracy," and said he has yet to find "the elusive Iranian moderate," according to remarks prepared for delivery at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

"With a government of that nature, only a united front of nations will be able to exert enough pressure to make Iran abandon its nuclear aspirations — a source of great anxiety and instability in the region," Gates said.

Iran denies it is pursuing nuclear weapons. It says its nuclear program is strictly for civilian energy development.

"Our allies must work together on robust, far-reaching and strongly enforced economic sanctions," Gates said. "We must exert pressure in the diplomatic and political arenas as well. And, as President Bush has said, with this regime we must also keep all options on the table." The term "all options" is a veiled reference to possible military action.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Path To War With Iran

NEW YORK — An Israeli airstrike on Syria last month targeted a partially built nuclear reactor that was years away from completion, the New York Times reported Saturday, citing U.S. and foreign officials.

The report said President Bush's administration had intense discussions with the Israeli government before the strike and U.S. officials were divided over whether it would be premature.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has said Israel bombed an "unused military building" in the Sept. 6 raid. Israel has been extremely secretive about the affair. It only recently relaxed censorship to allow Israel-based journalists to report that Israeli aircraft attacked a military target deep inside Syria.,2933,301604,00.html

A Reminder About Our Movement

The Pennsylvania Story about a very sick young man planning to harm others in school brings up a point. Many in the media mentioned the National Socialist literature and images found in young man's room. The media always, always work to associate national socialism with outcasts, mentally ill people and criminals; in short, any group sure to drive away good fighters for the movement. One side effect of such stories is that many sick individuals do drift towards NS because that's where they are taught to go by a media machine scared to death of a healthy, vibrant, intelligent NS movement.

Remember that we are all an example.

Blogger Play

For those with a Google homepage, you can now put the Blogger Play feature up. We admit that we are hooked - just watching the images go by.

Another Sign of Decay

Empire State Building honors religion of violence,2933,301541,00.html

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30 tracks added/changed today.

Vinyl fiends rejoice! Blazing Productions has just released three Dub Buk albums on gatefold LPs. The quality is very good and the music speaks for itself. The heathen aryan warriors play black metal with some elemental changes to reflect folk/rac and just plain musical inventiveness. The featured LP is Rus Ponad Vse!. The vinyl sounds great.

2007 has been a good year for new releases and now Mutiilation joins the crowd. Sorrow Galaxies finds Meyhna'ch back in fine form. The songs are long, with complex structures and musical variety. There is a denseness, a far reaching sorrow in the songs. And it sounds as though a Meyhna'ch has set the drum machine aside for real drums - excellent drums. Repeated listens have only increased our appreciation for the music on Sorrow Galaxies. It seems to be in limited release so far but do yourself a favor and spend the time to track it down. We found it on Sound Cave.

The final featured work this week is our response to the growing bleakness of our cause. An editorial comment. All around us, the very roots of the white race continue to be diluted and destroyed. Our race prospers in response to individual strength and achievement. All around us now, democracy crushes individual effort under the gray apathy of large numbers. Our culture is filled with filth, dominated by an alien race with interest only in money. Economics is first; we are becoming inconsequential. War by Aryan Terrorism is a black metal/rac smash in the face. A reminder that unless we fight we die.

Thanks for the support.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wow. What A Shock.

Mychal Bell of the `Jena 6' Back in Jail
By MARY FOSTER – 3 hours ago

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A judge decided the fight that thrust a teenager into the center of a civil rights controversy violated his probation for a previous conviction and ordered the boy back to jail, the teen's attorney said.

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Ohtar track problem

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UPDATE: The track has been terminated with extreme prejudice.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Are we together, or.....

Together or apart.
dead is dead;
what use?

Friday, October 05, 2007

More on the RIAA Case win

Be sure to check out the link for the legal docs:

Please Send Some to US

The Bunker Parking Authority would like to request some of those empty parking spaces for our area. Thanks.

Parking Spaces Outnumber Drivers 3 To 1, Drive Pollution And Warming
Science Daily — From suburban driveways to the sprawling lots that spring up around big retailers, Americans devote lots of space to parking spaces – a growing land-use trend that plays a role in heating up urban areas and adding to water pollution, according to a recent study.

Purdue University researchers surveyed the total area devoted to parking in a midsize Midwestern county and found that parking spaces outnumbered resident drivers 3-to-1 and outnumbered resident families 11-to-1. The researchers found the total parking area to be larger than 1,000 football fields, or covering more than two square miles.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

RIAA Wins Case

Woman found liable for sharing copyrighted music online

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — The recording industry won a key fight Thursday against illegal music downloading when a federal jury found a Minnesota woman liable for damages for sharing copyrighted music online.

Jurors ordered Jammie Thomas, 30, to pay record companies $220,000 — or $9,250 for each of 24 songs for which the companies sought damages. They could have awarded damages as low as $750 per song.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Advice for Prince William County

Prince William County will consider which county services should be denied to illegals. Easy: all of them.

Like we said: easy.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh, my....

Some things you just need to quote....,2933,298778,00.html

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