Monday, December 31, 2007

Playlist updates for 30 December


55 tracks added/changed on Sunday. Updates across all genres.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Official: The RIAA Has Gone Mad

The fine folks at the RIAA (motto: We Hate You and Your Music) are now claiming that simply recording a CD or LP or Tape that you paid for onto a hard drive is (drum roll please!).....a crime! Really.


RIAA Court Documents

Washington Post from 30 December

My Missles Are Your (Jewish) Missles

Bill includes U.S.-Israel missile coordination

Congress is set to approve a plan to integrate the U.S. and Israeli missile defense systems.

The proposal, authored by U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), is part of the Defense Authorization Act passed late Wednesday by the U.S. House of Representatives and due to be considered by the Senate before Christmas break. Under the proposal, the secretary of defense must within six months present a plan to Congress a plan "to improve the coordination, interoperability, and integration of the U.S. National Ballistic Missile Defense System with Israel’s missile defense architecture," a statement from Kirk's office said.

Such a plan will help defend Israel against reported plans by Iran to build missiles that can reach Israel, Kirk said. "Israel will be the first and only country to fully integrate with the American missile defense architecture," the statement said.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Playlist Update for 28 December


Back from the solstice break with a vengeance...

Waiting for us was the new Der Sturmer/Totenburg LP from Deathsquadrex. Five great DS tracks and two long Totenburg songs. Track down the LP if you can. Well done on glossy paper with lyrics for the DS songs. The DS material is similar to past works and, like the last release, the studio production quality is excellent.

The Paganfront also rolls out the third installment of The Night and the Fog series. Features tracks from such outstanding bands as Kroda, Graveland, Evil and Sombre Chemin.

Rounding out the excellent new arrivals is the long-awaited new incarnation of Hate Forest: The Blood of Kingu. The sound? A combination of Hate Forest and Drudk (no surprise). Fans of both bands will appreciate the new sound.

A total of 45 tracks were added/changed on Thursday.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Reason to Be A VIP

Sure, the VIP program is a few bucks a month and you don't have to listen to any freakin' commercials.

Now there's another reason - Radio365 Mobile. Our host - Live365 - has introduced the beta version of its mobile software and current VIP listeners (those of you who pay the fee each month) can download and listen FREE.

We appreciate the commercial nature of the whole thing but we also recognize the benefits of the VIP (pay) service - better song quality and no commercials being at the top of the list. We can't think of a better use for our mobile broadband than to listen to Iron Will Radio in a crowd of our enemies.

More info:

And remember - Using Live365 keeps us legal and on the air.


Playlist Updates 17 December


50 tracks added/changed 16 December, 34 tracks added/changed 13 December. Featured selections highlighted by two excellent vinyl releases from Horna and Arckanum; the great split from Graveland and Honor rounds out the features.

A large box just arrived in the bunker full of tapes from Tour de Garde so look for good things in the weeks to come. Also coming up is the third installment of the Night and Fog series and the four-way split with Nokturnal Mortum, Temnozor, Graveland and North.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sharpton Has A Problem

NEW YORK — Federal authorities have subpoenaed financial records and employees in an apparent probe of the Rev. Al Sharpton's 2004 presidential bid, nonprofit civil rights group, and for-profit businesses, a newspaper reported Thursday.,2933,316660,00.html

Remembering Why

Know County DA lists reasons for seeking death penalty for Letalvis Cobbins

The grounds he cited:

# Cobbins was a violent criminal before the carjacking turned kidnapping, rape and slaying, having racked up "one or more felonies" involving "the use of violence to the person," the notice stated.

# Newsom was tortured.

# Christian was tortured.

# Newsom was slain to cover up Cobbins' alleged role in the carjacking, kidnapping, rape and robbery.

# Christian was slain to cover up Cobbins' alleged role in the carjacking, kidnapping, rape and robbery.

# Newsom's slaying came during the commission of crimes against Christian.

# Christian's killing came during and after the commission of crimes against Newsom.

# Cobbins' allegedly "mutilated the body of Chris Newsom after death," the notice stated. Newsom's body was set afire after he was shot to death.

Christian and Newsom had been out on a date when they encountered armed carjackers who wound up taking the couple along with Christian's Toyota 4-Runner. Authorities said the pair were robbed and taken at gunpoint to a house on Chipman Street where Davidson had been living.

The couple was beaten, tortured and repeatedly raped, according to authorities. Newsom was slain first, with Christian held and victimized several more hours before she was strangled and her body discarded in a large trash can inside the house.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Playlist news and other updates 06 Dec


34 tracks added/changed on 06 December.

We continue our, ahem, salute to hanukkah with one of the older Russian NSBM projects, Na Rasputje. Where the Earth Keeps A Blanket of Snow features varied material dedicated to our cause. The style is more traditional than the storm-force approach of, say, Branikald and yet also retains some of the ambient reach. Note that we support the Pagan Front in recognition of the original spirit and intent of the label Armour Get Dawn.

Der Sturmer is a bunker favorite. Direct, intelligent, powerful. A Banner Greater Than Death takes on the disease of modern culture with semi-melodic, RAC-tinged (at times) anthems of hate. Samples have been part of DS songs for a long time and always provide interesting contexts to the tracks. Remember that black metal is about creativity and ideas and music. DS is not for fans of comfortable melodies, familiar politics and the sweet syrup of decay.

The final feature this week is from Drowning the Light. Of Celtic Blood and Satanic Pride addresses two of the band's motivations: blood and satanism. We have some difficulties with the idea that you can be for Satan but against christianity; satan, jesus, it's all the same. Still, the band continues to provide mid-tempo, melancholy with some unexpected twists.

Other items of note:

Dissociated Human Junction is a great 4 way split between Blut aus Nord, Bloodoline, Reverance and Karras. Black metal with industrial/ambient/noise aesthetics. If you're a fan, be sure to track it down. Solid tracks from all parts of the project.

Demon Realm breaks no new ground but happily smashes and thrashes along the path of other black/thrash bands. Good black metal.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Recent Playlist Updates 03 December


67 tracks added changed on Thursday and Sunday. Some brief notes -

The Krohm feature is in response to the valid observation that we tend to overlook USBM bands, at least as far as features and prominent displays are concerned. A Haunting Presence is a good release, moving away from the Xasthur-based sound of the earlier material and into a more unique sound. The emotional presentation of sorrow and distress remains, so no worries. You won't be uplifted, cheered, buoyed or better off than you were before. Krohm brings the darkness home.

One of our weaknesses (we have about 30) is old thrash metal. Fantom burned bright in the late '80s and Próbafelvételek 1987-1988 is an excellent compilation of pounding, filthy rehearsals from that period. The raw energy of the tracks makes in clear how such thrash influenced black metal - and beyond.

Vernichtungskamp is part of our salute to Hanukkah and Disposing of Garbage nicely fits our feelings.

Other notes -

The Svartsyn release, Timeless Reign is very good black metal. We encourage you to pick it up.

Does everyone in Finland play black metal? Another great release: Ruttokosmos Karsimys.

Finally, Teutonic Satan has released Promo 2007 from nsbm act Black September. A promising release of no-frills nsbm.

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