Friday, May 30, 2008

Bandwidth is back

According to one of the Bunker Maidens, our service is back. If so, then the update - including new featured bands - will be up on Sunday.

More fun with our ISP

Our main site bandwidth is provided by Comcast. Looks like someone was having a bit of fun with them yesterday...

From ZDNet

For a couple of hours yesterday, Comcast’s Internet Portal ( had its DNS records hijacked and a defaced web page was loading from third-party domains. Further investigation into this incident reveals a connection between the group responsible for Comcast’s DNS hijacking and previous incidents such as the defacements of Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff and Tila Tequila’s MySpace profiles. wasn’t hacked, its DNS records got hijacked, so whenever someone visited, the defaced page was loading from different servers.


Hijacked DNS

White self-hatred, Pt. 1

White self-hatred

Is it real or is it comedy?

Where are the updates?

Our ISP went down late Tuesday and is still not up to form. They hope to have us back up late Friday. There will be a complete update with feature changes on Sunday. I hope.

Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



43 tracks added/changed on Sunday; nearly 100 for the last two updates. The Helevetespine (or some such spelling) was corrupt and has been deleted. You're welcome.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Main Site Speed

The main site is back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

Main site sssslllooowwwnnneesss

Our server is relaxing and working a tad sloooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Station stream is not effected.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 15 Updates


53 tracks added/changed yesterday; more than usual. Not sure how that happened; we just started moving things around and, well, the playlist will be a bit more jumbled than usual.

Bands from all over the place with week, starting off with an obscure Hungarian thrash/black band called Angel Reaper. We admit a fascination with finding seminal bands that influence others and then fade rapidly into the dank and grime of the underground. If you've never heard Angel Reaper, expect a sloppy mix of thrash and what would eventually be called black metal. It's not often pretty, but early bands seldom are.

Moving on to Argentina, the next featured work focuses on Pagan Front bands active in Argentina. Campo de Mayo, Ulfhethnar, Furor and more provide a variety of musical styles focused on a common enemy. As fans of Campo de Mayo, the two tracks alone are worth the price of the disk. Total support.

The last featured band is familiar to most, we hope. Old Wainds comes from Murmansk, above the Arctic Circle. Religion of Spiritual Violence is a great release from a few years back. There must be something about bone-chilling temperatures and black metal. And while easily identifiable as a Russian black metal band, Old Wainds has always worked to differentiate their music from the rest of the pack. The band has also grown over the years; if in doubt, listen to the older material. Especially the vocals....

Lots of other great stuff added including Amber Tears, Dom Dracul, Nachtruf and Bapthomet. Fans of Greek black metal will want to listen for the additions from Kawir. The new cd, Ophiolatreia is their most polished to date.

Thanks for your support.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reminder: Net Radio Battle Not Over

If you live in the US, please take a moment to (again) call or email (a call or handwritten letter is best) your Senator. This fight is far from over and the RIAA would just as soon we all go away.

Monday, May 12, 2008

12 May updates


42 tracks added/changed yesterday and 40 on 09 May so a good number of updates this week. Material from Der Sturmer refreshed along with Arghoslent, Peste Noire, Nordglanz, Campo de Mayo, Cultus, The True Werewolf and more.

Thanks for you support.

There is peace beyond the days of pain and anger.

Friday, May 09, 2008

May 09 Updates


40 tracks added/changed yesterday highlighted by the Absurd release 15 Years War and the updated release of the classic May the Hammer Smash the Cross from Thor's Hammer .

The new Absurd (including the new track Mercenary's Drum) is very well done. The newly recorded versions of older songs benefit from improved production and techinical skill. One caveat: the improved production and technical skill. Songs like "Eternal Winter," "Gates of Heaven" and "Ashes to Ashes" are forever in my mind connected to the old days; political will and action recorded in analogue, indecision, mistakes and triumphs marching in time with hiss, missed notes and distortion. The medium of the old Absurd material reflected the spirit of the times. Is there compromise here? Purists will argue "yes" and turn to their old demo tapes for inspiration. Wars are long; things change. Tactics change.

May the Hammer Smash the Cross gets a proper packaging for the first time. Darker Than Black and Supernal deserve credit (and your business) for taking the time and effort to re-release the overlooked Thor's Hammer work. Many of the musical styles and lyrical prowess coming to fruition on Three Weeds from the Same Root are in evidence here. Pounding drums, just a touch of synth and vocals culled from the pit of hellish despair. Capricornus eventually ended Thor's Hammer because, he said, the project had accomplished its musical/philosophical goals. The task now is to continue to spread the music because, as Capricornus liked to say, black metal is more than music.

Deathspell Omega's music continues to evolve. Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice marked a point of departure of sorts for the band, signalling a turn towards longer, involved musical themes to match increasingly complex philosophical goals. Where does the band go next? Maybe back to the simplicity of the material on the Moondblood split.

Monday, May 05, 2008

May 1 Update


49 tracks added/changed on 04 May; 35 tracks added/changed on 01 May.

The highlight of the adds is the addition of two new Astrofaes tracks from the Shu-Nun EP. Recorded in 2005, the tracks are a great blend of driving metal and pagan vengeance. Fans of the band know what to expect; we prefer the EP tracks over the new CD. If you're new to Astrofaes, think Drudkh since the bands share two members.

Mainstream (read = commercial) blackmetal is not something we really understand or, frankly, care about. 1349 has always been interesting enough to keep our attention and Beyond the Apocalypse offers a variety of different approaches to black metal centered around a blistering, brutal attack. We stumbled across the DLP version amongst our stacks of we'll-get-to-it-material.

Znich rounds out the featured items. You may know the band from last year's Pagan Crosses release. Zapaviety Aposzniaha Starca is re-release of the band's early full-length. The new version features two new songs and a video.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008