Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog update

The video bar now includes black metal (doh!).

Possible Downtime

On August 03, 5:00 - 7:00 AM GMT/UTC, (12a/2a Eastern), you will experience some streaming problems. Live365 is updating their streaming software. The new version will include support for a yet to be released Flash version for of the audio software, especially beneficial for Firefox and Safari users!

Monday, July 28, 2008



22 tracks added/changed on Sunday; three featured bands changed with a few other changes. The next major update will be on 01 August. A few notes:

As many of you may know, former Evil member Goat died in prison last week under the usual suspicious circumstances. In honour of his efforts, his energy and his spirit, the 1995 original lineup cassette lp Hate Spirit is featured.

Fans of Seigneur Voland and Chemin de Haine can and should find the remaining copies of the re-mastered split CD. The inferior tape versions have been favorites of mine for many years. Both bands play intelligent black metal guided by hatred and belief. Good to hear the music as it was intended.

Out of our archives comes the original Mjolnir self-titled demo. A seminal work in many ways, the rough demo contains a variety of musical elements found in many later bands: longer song structures, widely varied tempos, other electronic sounds mixed with traditional (for the 1990s) black metal and musical touches of whate would become associated with the label epic. Mjolnir tracks demand attention to appreciate and your time is well rewarded.

Thanks for the support.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Eisenwinter

The new Eisenwinter cd has been re-released by Werewolf Records. Great, minimal black metal. Recommended.

Friday, July 25, 2008

UPDATE - Status

Regular updates will return on Sunday July 27.

Thanks for your patience.

Friday, July 18, 2008

July 17 Update


41 tracks added/changed yesterday. Druzhina tracks have been in for a few weeks and now get a feature spot. Fans of Kroda and lunar poetry era Nokturnal Mortum will find a lot to enjoy with the Russian/French outfit as will folks partial to Moonsorrow and Lunar Aurora.

Mgla have a new release on the way from Northern Heritage but until then you can enjoy (or not) 4 tracks from the 2007 release Mdlosci + Further Down the Nest. Mgla is a reliable band; fast to mid-tempo riffs reminisciennt of older Deathspell Omega. Lyrically, the two EPs collected here dwell on the role of religion and deceit in (mis)guiding human spiritual development.

I admit to sometimes losing interest in Bilskirnir. Well, not losing interest exactly, more like impatience. The featured demo from Widar's early years - For Victory We Ride - is raw, melodic and aggressive. As the band progressed, Widar seemed intent on going the way of Ildarn, especially with the Odelegger project. Raw, fuzzed-out anger is fine; I'm just not sure it's adding anything. Victory captured a sense of pagan pride; the exhileration of riding the storm. Finding again the connection to our ancient, natural past.

Also of note: Check out the material from Sorcier Des Glaces on the release Moonrise in Total Darkness. A bit of melody mixed with melancholy, cold winds and long nights. On the rawer side: Necromortum and Svartfell are along for the ride.

Thanks for your support and, yes, the 64k is still in process...

Abandon hope. Instead, work for change.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Attn. Leonard Pitts: Valleyfair Fandango

More imaginary black violence. How many will hurt. How many will suffer. When will we cry "enough!" When will we shout "fight!"

"The seven now charged with the vicious assault include one 14-year-old boy and men ranging in age from 18 to 22. All of the accused are African-American.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Updates and Features - 10 July


42 tracks added/changed yesterday including re-loads of the problematic I Shalt Become tracks from Requiem. All listeners should now be able to hear the tracks without the sporadic half-speed/static error.

Just not feeling real polished and well produced around the bunker this week so two of the featured bands are on the rougher side. When Mutiilation released Vampires of the Black Imperial Blood, many of the tracks had been previously released on the 1994 demo Black Imperial Blood (Travel). Released by the band only (as far as I know), the demo is, well, as demo. Minimal production, harsh acoustics and 100% atmosphere. Yes, there will be a chorus of listeners who HATE the harsh production; so it will always be. The rough nature reminds me that black metal was - and still can be - more than music. An expression of hate and disgust designed to break the hold of modernism, designed to crush the false xtian god.

Drunemeton finds Darken and Graveland back in 1992. The excellent demo - here from the fine LP release in 2007 by Forever Plagued records - shows highlights and suggestions of the epic key-driven Graveland of today. Shorter songs are not a bad thing and the more focused, aggressive sounds stand up well over time. I find it ironic that as Darken's lyrics and ideology shifted towards Paganism, Wotan - blood and soil - the instruments and sound of Graveland became more and more synthetic. I like Graveland; really. Just as I noted with Absurd's progression over the years, when a band grows, there are some unique qualities that simply remain fixed in time.

Blood Thunder is an in-your-face bit of rac/blackened metal from long time favorites Warhead. No surprises here: ideologically direct, driving songs built on relatively simply but competent song writing. The message is the key. That and I love the title.

If you're looking for more polished material, there is another excellent Norwegian folk/black release just added. Reminiscient of SorgSvart, Myrkgrav presents good muscianship, songwriting and production. Traditional Norwegian instruments blend seamlessly with black metal vocals; in-tune clean vocals provide a nice counterpoint. The CD booklet also presents a summary of each song in English. Vocally apolitical, the band's material focuses on the importance of roots and heritage. [Note: How you focus on roots and heritage and, by default, the future of your way of life without being political is beyond me. But, I digress.]

Other added tracks from Necromantia, Iscariot, Thoth and Winter Funeral (yes, I should have had Winter Funeral in long ago...).

Enjoy, everyone and thanks for the support.