Thursday, November 20, 2008

Next Updates on 23 November


No updates today. Next updates will be on 23 November. The new "Heathen Hammer" just arrived!!!

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Monday, November 10, 2008


Hmm. It seems that the sound gremlins are messing with one of the Chur tracks. Sounds kind of cool.

Obama, an NPD Article & the American Jewish Committee

According to several news sources, the Berlin section of the American Jewish Committee is up in arms about an article published on 06 November by NPD member and Saxony state legislature member Juergen Gansel.

Mr. Gansel's accurate depiction of the cultural implication of the African's scripted election victory has angered the Jewish group resulting in what is sure to be the first of many increased attacks on opponents of common sense.

Not a single news report offered a link to the source material. Here is the link, in the original German:

Africa Conquers the White House

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One More Thing -

Here's a thought to anger the ****:

I've started suggesting that sitting by and watching the African become president is a little like being a citizen of Germany during WWII and not doing anything about the "Jewish question." Most people don't quite know what to do. Try it on your friends.


So, if all the Obama supporters are in Chicago tonight and the very possible electoral defeat comes in....golly, that should be fun.


Media reports suggest that the throng in Chi-town could be several hundred thousand. Now, do you really, and I mean REALLY, think that the string-pullers would put all those people in one place if they didn't already know the outcome?
Still, the thought of almost a million highly-besotted and angry Africans does fill me with that traffic-accident-but-still-need-to-look attitude.

A Necessary Obama Victory

An Iron Will Radio Commentary

I know most, if not all, of my racial brothers and sisters look in dismay at the prospect of the African's scripted move into the President's office. Corporations and multi-national companies, free from the bonds of blood and soil and seeking only profit, have spent years grooming the American mind-set to accept an African president. Africans have been shown in increasingly responsible positions in movies, television, print media and online so that an African president seems, well, normal. Like I said, scripted.

But also necessary. Rather than be upset, rather than feel frightened, dispirited, I propose a sense of joy, of possibility. A revelation of welcoming a new era.

There is an old adage in the people-change business: you will only change when you hurt bad enough. True enough. With the African elected, America's decay will accelerate; it can do nothing else. Decay is fuel for the cause. The fuel will ignite soon enough.


I left the safe confines of the bunker and ventured out to vote today. The Africans are out en masse. My early prediction is an Obama popular vote win but a McCain Electoral College win. The problem of course is the undercurrent threat of violence from the Africans against Americans if Obama loses the vote. And, while the media is quick to hype any potential, created threat against the African, they refuse to speculate on the possibility of violence by Africans.

Monday, November 03, 2008



A total of 80 tracks added/changed Thursday and Sunday. Several tracks off two great new releases from Old Wainds and Horna and from the classic Wodulf Wargus Esto tape/cd release.

Horna unleashes a tight, focused double CD of black metal. The band demonstrates why they may be the best black metal band going right now. If you're looking for melodic experimentation, industrial or progressive sounds, doom elements - look elsewhere. What the band does best is play mid to fast tempo black metal with intricate riffs and crushing ferocity.

One of the reasons I still buy vinyl is because of album covers. A well done cover is a brief distillation of the artist's ideas/attitude. The CD cover for Death Nord Kult from Old Wainds shows a lonely figure walking up a vast snowfield. A perfect image for the bands musical and ideological direction. Strength, isolation, the power of the individual. Musically, the band continues to build on the style of Religion of Spiritual Violence by including some more traditional metal rhythm ideas into its black metal attack.

Wodulf is a long-time favorite of our listeners and there's usually a track in rotation. Several tracks are featured off the tape and cd versions of the Wargus Esto release.

Many other good tracks added, including some obscure stuff from the edges of the cd library. Plus, one English Rose track (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned) just as a reminder...

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

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Currently deleting and adding files so if your stream drops, you'll know why. Please be patient. Thanks.

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