Monday, February 23, 2009

Changes coming

Over the coming months, there will be some changes. Due in part to a change with our host, we have increased storage for tracks (and an increased price).

The number of tracks will gradually increase three-fold.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes, more songs are in the works

Time is not our friend today. Processing 200 or so updates including tracks from Der Sturmer.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Neo - what?

While I have a second, I've been thinking about the "neo-nazi" label business after some infected white person (that's what white self-hate is: an infection) flung that term at me.

So I asked him: Do you really believe I'm a newly organized member of a 1930's German political party intent on defeating communists and righting wrongly imposed war reparations (including land grabs, populations stolen and so on)?

Ah, the sweet sound of silence.

Look, I told him, think before you spew. National Socialism is a philosophy, a way of living, founded in the deepest understanding of the most basic values of life. Proven values. Values that have demonstrated success. Race, family, local interest, nationalism, work for work instead of speculation and profit.

I probably accomplished nothing, but I felt better. And it got me thinking.

The more time we spend on our enemies issues and words, the less time we work on our own. Or, the more diluted we make our own. Take the Shoah-brand controversy. Holocaust this, holocaust-denial that. Even if we make points for our own truth, I'm beginning to think that as long as we talk about the Shoah-brand we build up our enemies' truth.

And by "enemy" here I mean more than just jews. I mean the entire, commercialized, internationalist world.

I've said this before: I am about at the point where I say "I don't care." Declare victory and move on. Six or six-million. For propaganda, they always win any time we speak of the Shoah-brand. Even if we're making a thousand valid points.

Any time we use a racial slur, make fun of Obama (guilty) or spend hours pondering the great jewish conspiracy cabal, we spend away from 100% focus on our own truth.

Just thinking. Thanks.

Updates on the, um, updates

More playlist changes today. Life gets in the way but the war goes on.