Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Embers of Autumn - New Tracks up

Hail -

I am proud to feature new and previously released tracks from our favorite - and as far as I know only - American Nationalist Ambient project, Embers of Autumn. Yes, the main force behind the composition is the same as that behind the station.

Many positive regards have come our way over the years from the few tracks available. Now, we gradually offer the entire Embers of Autumn armory from 1994! Each note is a weapon! Each song a victory!

Three songs in rotation now:

1) Embers of Autumn. A later version with strings. A reminder of the strength and beauty in death.

2) Sing, Voice of Hope, Sing! From an extended demo. Trancendant emotions. A reminder to capture the hope and help of the past.

3) Death of My Land. From a very rare (handed, literally, to friends) demo, Seasons of Death. From the composer: "Written as I came to understand the cycle of birth - death - rebirth."

More updates coming soon!

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